RIG prototype almost finished

The RIG prototype board is coming together nicely. The enclosure case was 3d printed and then primed and painted. Then the enclosure was finished with clear 2 part epoxy and allowed to cure for a few days.
The PCBs work well but already require a revision to add some of the parts I hadn’t decided on yet. There need to be a few board connectors to connect other peripherals. Also I wasn’t sold on which power switch to use and so I left it out in the first revision.
Am I the only one that thinks PCBs are awesome?
The board allows the CPU to get clean power from a 12V source and interface with the outputs from the CPU to the real world. The PCB isn’t all that flashy but my final revision that gets shipped as a product will probably be a red colored PCB, but that is only if the PCB can be seen inside the enclosure, which I haven’t decided yet.

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