Quick note on Prototyping

The first RIG box prototype is up and running. There are many improvements to be made and a lot of testing to do but it is working. I am receiving sensory feedback, in this case wind, from a video game in real time as I play. This effect can be translated to any platform – even youtube videos and movies with feedback are possible.

The prototype allows 6-10 inputs to be monitored from the game, each input can correspond to an output or multiple outputs. In this case I have a wind variable that gets monitored and when the game triggers it, I feel wind in the real world.


There is Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), but for this new experience, I have coined the term Augmented Virtuality (AV) because the experience is not fully explained elsewhere. With the RIG box myself or any Game Dev can create a game that gives real experiences through sensory feedback. It’s pretty exciting! but like with most things it needs to be experienced to truly understand how it shapes the experience.
I am not a great Game Dev, in fact after the demo is complete I plan on hiring a real team to complete the full game for the Kickstarter audience, BUT even with my meager skill I was able to create an experience that left me wanting more and feeling actual anticipation from feeling truly immersed in the game.
The “Maze Game” (final title TBD) that I am working on is part creepy horror game, and part exploring adventure. It features outdoor maze areas, perfect for sensory wind feedback.
The Maze also takes advantage of the RIG box to provide real world lighting from the game in real time. Remember those old TVs that would like the wall behind them with the color of the scene? It’s kind of like that, on steroids. And did I mention any game or platform can use it?
Indy game devs from Itch.io or Game Jolt are welcome to start creating games that have the RIG box in mind and Dev kits should be available First come first serve when the Kickstarter begins.

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