Our journey begins here. It is a long road to create an immersive video game experience but we are up to the challenge. ReImagine Games will transform what really immersive games are and take the gaming, and more, experience to another level. It all starts with the RIG (ReImagine Games) box. A peripheral device that allows games to interact with the real world in real time. The RIG box can be used with any console and utilized by any content developer out there, from Indy game devs to YouTube content creators.
Imagine a YouTube video that you could really feel and experience. And we're not just talking about "Rumble" controllers here, but really immersive experiences. The RIG box isn't meant to take the place of really interactive games but to make them so much more than just video entertainment. But as they say it's not the idea that is important, but the execution. So please look out for our Kickstarter coming Q1 2019, and until then we better get back to executing! See you soon.

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