Development Progress update

I took some time off for the holidays and went to Florida but I was able to get some things done.  I posted the demo game on for all to play.  Find it at  RIG BOX DEMO GAME – Unfinished

We also have a decent demo video up, which you can find at RIG BOX VIDEO

It should be noted that for the Itch.IO version and the video demo of the game I had to try to mitigate some performance issues I was having when playing from the site.  I had to remove all the grass from my game and removed the realtime wind effects on the trees.  This helped to speed up the frame rate and made the game play smoother but I plan to include those things in the final delivery of the RIG box demo game.   Possibly also fog too, because it makes the whole level “POP”.

Another thing I have been working on are connectors for the RIG box.  I envisioned magnetic connectors with 3D printed housing.  The prototype connectors work well enough but the 3D printed parts still look a bit rough and they need a bit of cleanup or paint or both to really look great.  But the functionality of the magnetic connectors is awesome.  They snap together with a satisfying click and they stay in place like they should.  When I can get some pictures together of the connectors I will share them.

This is what it feels like to be back at work!

Also, Happy New Year!

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